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Water Cycle
In addition to the introductory activities on the first day of the unit, we also studied the water cycle as a starting point for future lessons about water treatment, conservation and pollution.

Click on the link to see the water cycle experiment we used as an introduction to this unit.

For this section of the lesson we simply asked students if they knew the source of  the water in their homes.  For the most part students did not know the answer to this question.  At this point on the board, we showed them a drawing of the water cycle similar to the one found below.



As we discussed the water cycle we refered to the vocabulary list in order to help students grasp new vocabulary.  This we hoped would reinforce the visual with the written word.

Finally, we gave them the following in-class assignment.

Draw a diagram showing how you think water gets to the faucets and toilets at Dorcas Place.  Don't forget to show where it comes from.  Label your drawing.

Daily review was the concluding activity of each day.

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