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1. water treatment plant - a place where water is cleaned

2. septic system - an underground system that breaks down sewage from homes.
They are used where homes are not hooked up to a city sewer system.

3. sewer - a pipe under the ground for carrying off waste from sinks,
toilets, houses and factories

4. ground water - water located under ground

5. surface water - water found on top of the ground like lakes, rivers and

6. eminent domain - the right of a government to take private property for
public use

7. alum - a substance that attracts dirt particles

8. coagulation - when dirt in water forms into balls

9. "floc" - dirt and alum balls

10. sedimentation - when heavy dirty particles (floc) from water settle to
the bottom and the clear water moves to filtration

11. filtration - putting water through filters that help take out small

12. disinfection - the process of removing dirt and harmful bacteria; most
people are familiar with the term "to disinfect", which is the verb

13. storage - where water is kept until it is needed

14. microscopic organisms - bacteria

15. purify - to make clean

16. aquifer - water found deep underground

17. waste water treatment plant - a place where dirty water is cleaned

18. watershed - any land surrounding a body of water

19. sewage - dirty water

20. reservoir - a man-made water storage area which often looks like a lake

21. aeration - putting air into water