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We spent a short time learning about lighthouses because of our planned trip to Jamestown, RI which included a visit to the Beavertail Lighthouse.  In preparation for our visit, we viewed "Lighthouses of New England", and discussed with our students a brief history of lighthouses, why and where they were built and the duties of a lighthouse keeper.

This visit was particularly interesting to the students because the lighthouse museum located on site exhibited many wonderful historic photographs, antique postcards as well as the Fresnel lens which was in the original lighthouse. We gave students the following questions after the visit.


Beavertail Lighthouse - Jamestown, RI

Why do you think there is a lighthouse at Beavertail?

Why do you think this place is called Beavertail?

Do you think you have the personality to be a lighthouse keeper? Why?

In addition to the above questions, we gave students the following assignment:

Draw as detailed a picture of the Beavertail Lighthouse as you can remember.


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