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We introduced important facts about hurricanes by initially discussing how and where they develop.  In addition to pertinent facts and vocabulary, we used the following exercise as a group project. We also used excerpts from  Hurricanes: Earths' Mightiest Storms to illustrate how hurricanes develop.

Please refer to for the hurricane lesson. We adapted this exercise to accommodate the reading levels of our students.  We also used a hurricane tracking chart printed from

With each class we used a different video relating to the subject of hurricanes; these videos are listed in our bibliography.  We used the following questions to help students focus as they viewed the videos.


As we watch the film look for the following information:

1. What is a storm surge?

2. What is emergency planning?

3. Hurricane season runs from__________________ to ______________________.

4. Hurricanes are first tropical storms whose winds have reached the speed of __________mph.

After a brief review we gave the following quiz.

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